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CRS Young Scientists are a varied group of people. They are typically students and early career scientists in academia or industry under the age of 40 years, or can be other scientists with less than five years’ experience in the science, technology, and innovation of delivery of bioactives.

Despite these differences they share four things in common:

  • A fascination for challenges and achievements in the world of innovative delivery
  • A thirst to broaden their scientific knowledge in the area
  • A desire to build their career and develop professionally
  • A need to network with fellow Young Scientists and other colleagues

The Young Scientist Committee is dedicated to developing exciting events and putting initiatives in motion that are tailored to meet the needs of young scientists within CRS.

2014 CRS Young Scientist Committee Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

The Mission – Three Pillars of Support for Young Scientists

The Young Scientist Committee (YSC) strives to provide students, early career scientists and professionals new to the delivery of bioactives with the following:
  • Stimulating educational opportunities.
  • Career development initiatives and training.
  • Inexpensive and innovative networking events.

Affordable Post-Doc and Student Membership Rates Make it Easy to Engage

Put your career in motion! Join CRS, get involved, meet luminaries in the field and have fun with other early career professionals.

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