Mentor-Protégé Program

Allison Calahan explains her experience with the mentoring program.

The CRS Young Scientists Mentorship Program is an outcome of a successful one-year pilot program that involved four mentor-protégé pairs in 2007-2008. It was observed that the four young scientists benefited significantly in their career, through the mentorship. Based on this initial success story, the CRS Board and the subcommittee decided to expand the program and offer it as a member benefit to all members of CRS. The program officially launched at the 2008 CRS Annual Meeting, has attracted and triggered interest in a large number of young scientists. In 2010, barely two years after initiation, 58 mentor-protégée pairs are enrolled in this program.


The CRS Young Scientists Mentorship Protégé (YSMP) Program is designed to advance personal and professional development of young scientists through the establishment of meaningful relationships between them as protégés, and experienced members of the CRS as mentors. The objective of the CRS Young Scientists Mentor- Protégé Program is to capitalize on the experience of mentors, to train and develop an entourage of protégés. The YSMP program also provides global networking opportunities for both young scientists and mentors.


Young Scientists Committee Mentor-Protégé Program Activities

  • Development of induction workshops to provide protégés with guidance and information that support their year of involvement.
  • Provision of mechanisms for online support so that protégés are aware of their responsibilities and requirements.
  • Design of web-based materials to provide further mentorship advice.
  • Development of exciting and innovative CRS Annual Meeting and Exposition activities, specifically for protégés on topics related to mentorship.
  • Provision of regular CRS Newsletter articles on topics of interest to mentors and protégés.

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